Monday, July 9, 2018

From Not So Bad to Absolutely FAB

I'm loving how Dollar Tree has upped its game regarding the silk flowers they carry! The quality and color selections have really improved! Sometimes, though, a few minutes of time can make a huge difference and turn your $1 find into something FABULOUS!

Here's a super easy, super cheap, super quick Dollar Tree silk flowers upcycle hack that does just that:

I got these great tea-stained-look Fall flowers at the Dollar Tree (they were mislabeled Berries, so I have no idea what they are. Maybe zinnias?) The only problem (and it was kinda major) was they had no centers! (See photo below) Kind of sad, and ALMOST a deal breaker, until inspiration hit.

I cut off one stem of a Dollar Tree fuzzy cattail, pulled off the actual cattail "bloom," then cut it into pieces, maybe an eighth of an inch long for each piece.

Then, I glued those pieces to the center of each individual flower, using a hot glue gun, and VOILA!

Much more realistic and expensive looking, IMO!

Here's what you'll need to try this at home:

1 Dollar Tree Zinnia Bush
1 Dollar Tree Fuzzy Cattail Bush Stem
Hot Glue
Glue Sticks
Newsprint or Paper Towels (to cover work area)

Do y'all ever buy artificial flowers at the Dollar Tree? What do you like, and what do you pass up?  What's your favorite source for great deals on artificial flowers and greenery?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fall, Y'all!

Still summer, but I'm looking ahead to Fall. Last year, my parents came for a visit, and I threw together some quick decorations for my hutch, using what I had on hand.

It turned out so unexpectedly pretty, my Mama insisted I take photos so I could duplicate it this year. Ha! Like that ever happens! I end up just doing whatever strikes my fancy at the time, usually depending partly on my current obsession, coupled with whatever decorating supplies I can easily retrieve.

Who knew magnolias, cotton branches,and pumpkins could go together so perfectly? I liked it so much, I carried the cotton and magnolia theme into my Christmas decorating, too.

Everything you see, I either already owned, got on sale or clearance, or purchased at Dollar Tree and Dollar General, except the florals.

I'm obsessed with galvanized metal, and could not resist those Pier 1 Imports chargers. The harvest plates and art glass pumpkins and metallic mini pumpkins also came from Pier 1.

The mercury glass LED pumpkins came from Dollar General, and the mercury glass votives were purchased at Dollar Tree, along with the gold and silver patterned votives ( these look super high-end and would make stunning hostess gifts).

Saturday, January 13, 2018

cake stand heaven: Nostalgia with a Twist

cake stand heaven: Nostalgia with a Twist: If you're as proud of your vintage china tea set as we are then you'll find any opportunity to bring out those cups and saucers and ...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pam Pinches Pennies: O, Christmas Tree!

Pam Pinches Pennies: O, Christmas Tree!: How I shall miss thy waaay over-the-top decorated branches! (Apologies to Ernst  Anschütz and Nat King Cole). Thanks to Balsam Hill, Pier O...

O, Christmas Tree!

How I shall miss thy waaay over-the-top decorated branches! (Apologies to Ernst Anschütz and Nat King Cole). Thanks to Balsam Hill, Pier One, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Lowes, and Big Lots!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Totally Free (or Very Frugal) Christmas Decorating

Hopefully, the title of this post caught your attention!

So, what's the secret to extremely affordable, low-budget, zero dollar seasonal decorating? Easy! Use things you already have on hand. Just be creative, use your imagination, and plan ahead.

Plan ahead by shopping clearance aisles and after Christmas sales for items you can use next year. You can snag incredible deals on seasonal items such as floral picks, ornaments, wreath forms, pillows, throws, candles, containers, and all sorts of other seasonal decorating. This is also the time to stop stock up on wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon, and Christmas cards, if you are still old school like me, and enjoy sending and receiving actual cards.

Organize, inventory, and store your seasonal items so you know what you have and can easily find it next year. Photos taped to your containers and/or inventory lists are a huge timesaver.

So, tip time over, here's what I did with stuff I already had:

Got these faux evergreen wreaths last year. Affordable at $2.50 regular price, 50% off allowed me to get two for the original price of of one.

I added red ribbon and huge bows made from Dollar Tree ribbon (9 feet for $1.00). Hint:  Look for large spools of ribbon on clearance after Christmas. It will actually cost you much less than purchasing multiple spools of Dollar Tree ribbon. 9 feet (3 yards) doesn't go that far. I placed these wreaths around our outside lantern style garage lights, and they looked beautiful.

Moving on to the front porch...

I purchased this gorgeous ornament wreath from Lowe's last year at 50% off after Christmas. I had been eyeing it all season, and was afraid to wait longer for a further reduction. The garland and LED lights were also last year Wal-Mart clearance purchases.

The pillows were CVS purchases probably at least 5 years ago. They are Pottery Barn lookalikes, a gorgeous deep and vibrant red cable knit, but at $9.00 each, an affordable alternative. Plus, because they are not holiday specific, they work from Autumn through Valentine's Day or even later. The sherpa throw is actually the reverse side of an old, worn out throw I no longer use, and the striped crocheted one is a throw I got for 65% off, and works throughout the year.

The Merry Christmas sign was a Dollar Tree purchase. Incredible!

A basket we've had for years made a great receptacle for extra snowy ornaments and holiday floral picks, and worked as the perfect impromptu cover for my mosaic tropical scene table top. 2 LED white translucent orbs complete this vignette.

A dark day combined with photos taken through a screen don't show the porch to its best advantage.

A huge red bow tops the mailbox post (Dollar Tree ribbon again),

While a second clearance garland spirals around it.

Decorated the front of the house in under 3 hours, including making the 4 huge bows, hanging lights and garland, etc. Cost: Zero Dollars, as I used things I already owned. If I added up everything for what I originally spent, it would still cost less than $100. For EVERYTHING. And alot of it is season spanning. All of us reusable and vesatile. All in all, a great deal, and a good investment. 

So, what are your seasonal and holiday decorating tips and secrets? Are you a clearance shopper, a DIYer, a combination of the two? I love sharing ideas with other like minded bloggers, and would love to hear and see your creative and frugal ideas!

Silver Christmas Tree Reveal

Here's the result of my pink to silver Christmas tree makeover. I went with a coastal theme, since it was going in the Master Bedroom, already decorated in that style.

Many of the ornaments were ones I made when experimenting with making faux Japanese glass fishing floats.

And here are some photos of the rest Master Bedroom decked for the Holidays.

I just kept it simple. A couple of cone trees, a bowl of ornaments in complementary coastal colors, and a scattering of resin starfish complete my seasonal decorating in this room. I love the serene colors in this room, as it creates a restful, peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a bedroom. It truly is a retreat and a place for rest, restoration and rejuvenation, for body, soul, and mind.